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You Get answer in 24 Hours. I got to know akashvaani online and I got good predictions but I am yet to experience the predictions given by them and I m sure I will get good results based on their predictions astrologers are good and supportive everyone should try akashvaani.

I asked about marriage, career health for myself, my sister and my mother All my questions have been answered promptly. I always recommend akashvaani for my family. Thanks for all the help. With the help of this service it provides me guidance for career to choose right path in my life. Thankyou very much for your service. I've tried akashvaani for several questions and other services such as match matching and kundali services. I got all answers and services on time. Thank you akashvaani. In-depth analysis. Practical solutions Understand an issue from all aspects.

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Our astrologers follow a structured smart astrology process to analyze your query, prepare the report and recommend practical solutions. Your query is sent to the service team, who would route it to the appropriate astrological expert on our panel. The service team ensures you receive your personalized solution within 24 hours and an overall great experience. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Fugit, error amet numquam iure provident voluptate esse quasi. Hi I asked about my friend's marriage problem and guruji explained it with dedications and with solution.

I am looking forward to ask about my other relatives. Taken Asked Question Started with Chat. I got to know akashwani online and I got good predictions but I am yet to experience the predictions given by them. I asked about marriage, I have start to do the remdies for the same, that was Great experience with akashvaani. I recommend akashvaani in future too. We see many love marriages also hitting the rocks in modern society and it all comes down to compatibility at many different levels and not just physical attraction or infatuation. The 1st house is indicative of the personality of a person and the 7th house is indicative of one's life partner.

If the lord of 1st and the 7th house are sitting in each other's houses, it is a good significator of love marriage. Specific yogas are present If study of 1st and 7th houses indicates navpanchamyog and saptamyog, then it is beneficial towards love marriage as well. The 5th house also indicates love. If Shukra Venus and Buddh Mercury are in the 5th house, if the lord of the 5th house is also in 7th house and vice versa, it again indicates fortunes and gains through love.

The partners may come from an affluent family. Also, the life partner will be mature and it will be an advantage for the native. Venus plays a very important role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love or an arranged one. Venus and Mars are two planets that need to be strongly placed for love to happen. This can lead to marriage only if there are beneficial planets in the 7th house which represents marriage. The above factors are used to make love marriage prediction , in vedic astrology. Gun Milan is done to check compatibility on all aspects and points are given accordingly, using Ashtakoot gun milan system.

A score of 18 and above is considered good for marriage. Manglik dosh is also checked to see if it can negatively impact the relationship in future. Strength of auspicious planets for love such as Venus and their placements are checked. If they are debilitated, then the chances are negative for love marriage.

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The yogas formed as a result of this union may be good or bad. Astrologers analyse these to see if this union will give the couple a good life or one which may be subject to lots of problems. Moon should not be afflicted for a pure love and for conversion of that love into marriage. We also facilitate online kundali matching, a system of integrated service rendering mechanism by which we give you dependable and timely assistance with regard to Kundali Matching for marriage or helping you know the prospect of your relationship. We do kundali Milan for marriage based on the transit of your planet in your kundali.

The remedial measure is provided based on the nature of such transit, favourable or unfavourable. Our service rendering system regarding horoscope predictions and solutions for marriage stands in adherence to the principles of Vedic Astrology. Therefore, there is the least room for our love marriage horoscope prediction going wrong.

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You can find in our expertise the demo of love marriage Vedic astrology. Use our online marriage horoscope, a service dedicated to easing out your situation tirelessly. We provide arranged marriage astrology prediction in such a professional manner as to ensure that Love and Relationship Horoscope revelation done by us stands in full satisfaction with your needs. Love and Marriage Prospects are the explanatory details advising you if your Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage one will It helps detect compatibility Married one is to Are you in love or is it just a figment of your imagination?

If your marriage is getting delayed or you want to know the right time for getting engaged, there is a reliable solution To tie a knot with someone is a blissful experience, but to continue the relationship for the rest of life is not an eas Being in love is surely a wonderful experience unless it is mutu No doubt the sanctity of this relationship is beyon You are going to tie the knot with someone but you have no idea how your future spouse would be for your life. You have Name : Shewani D.

Thank you.. Sir, this is snehashish from bangalore. Hello sir, I Priyank Patel wants to know about i will have love merrege or arrange merrege in my life. My dob is Sir, my name is swathi. My name is atul Mishra D. My advice would be — before seeing that whether your marriage would be love or arranged just check once you have marriage yoga in your horoscope or not.

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Marriage Line – Type 14

To check that you will have to take the help of two charts — one is Rashi chart or natal chart and another is D-9 or navamsa, D-9 is called the chart of marriage. So, anything related to marriage if you want to get answer so you will have to check this chart, if this chart is not supporting something related to your marriage, but that is present in Rashi chart or D-1 so the situation will happen but that will not be materialized at all finally.

Always remember conclusion will be decided by the D-9 chart as far as marriage or marital life is concern. For example — if in your D-1 there is a marriage yoga but it is not present in D-9 so marriage proposals will come but no proposal will convert into marriage finally. Here I am going to tell you a very basic procedure to check whether you have marriage yoga or not on the basis of Astrological facts Vedic Astrology. Find out the the connection between 1st house, 2nd house, 7th house and 11th house or their lords. If that is present in rashi chart look for the same in D If the connection is there in both charts and 7th lord is not very badly afflicted so the marriage will happen.

If the connection is present but 7th lord is afflicted but not that much so also the marriage will happen, in that case it will happen after a lot of obstacles. This is a very basic way to find out the marriage yoga. Many other ways are there but those are of bit advance level, I am not mentioning here. After finding out your marriage yoga, just let me know, I would definitely help you out that how to find out whether you will have love or arranged marriage.

Love Marriage Problems - Love Problem Solution

My marriage would be love or arranged please help me.. You have booked for a paid telephonic consultation for 30 minutes today, definitely your question will be answered. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Love Or Arranged Marriage In Astrology Prediction by date of birth whether love or arranged marriage Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage astrology Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth : How many times you have asked this to yourself — will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee.

Love marriage problem solution

Priya Mann says: Good morning sir.. Sankar Bhattacharjee says: The question you have asked try to get the answer by applying the astrological rules i have mentioned above, if you still fail you can let me know, I will obviously help you. Rekha says: Sir, can you please tel me the reality of my astrology..

Shankar Bhattacharjee says: no data at all. Please let me know sir…. Shankar Bhattacharjee says: Ok dear I understood you have problems with your family regarding your relation but what is your question? Rajani Pandey says: Is there any possiblity to get love marriage because I love someone. M Please tell me about my life. I just want to know when I ll get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage… Thank You.

Rakshitha rakshu says: hello , My name is rakshitha. Snehashish says: Sir, this is snehashish from bangalore. Priyank Patel says: Hello sir, I Priyank Patel wants to know about i will have love merrege or arrange merrege in my life.

love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil
love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil
love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil
love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil
love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil
love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology in tamil

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