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Those that help you to deepen yourself. Whether a relationship is just beginning or it has stood the test of time, this moon offers the change to reboot and re-define equitable terms. You are a natural nurturer — is there a way your primary relationships can become even more supportive? As always, the most important beloved to attend is yourself. On this moon, reform your boundaries and modify relational conditions to reflect increased respect for self and others.

​Key Takeaways:

Chances are, you are working hard on this New Moon. Work hard so you can play hard. This moon offers a time to clear things out, to re-organize, to plan, and to restructure your daily rhythms. Diet, exercise, health, hygiene, and service are at the fore. What are the most essential guidelines to focus on this year?

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Find the connection between discipline and pleasure. Fun, entertainment, and delight are essential nutrients for you. You may need to modify your schedule to reflect this. Carve out play times. Clean your inner and outer space. Re-organize your drawers and closets. Set joyful goals with how you want food and exercise to unfold this year. But you can also be rather self-critical at times.

This moon encourages you to embrace your creative self, regardless of how flawed or refined the things you make may seem to be.

Not everyone believes they are creative, but the sheer nature of human life makes each person a creator. Your creative essence might not come through as a painting or a theater piece. Every meal you make is your creation. Every skill you hone can become a way to express yourself into the world. Every thought, every word, every deed, becomes your living story.

Your lifestyle itself is an art. So approach your tasks with a light-heartedness that allows your love-light to flow through them. This is a romantic and confident moon for you. Reinforce your intentions with pride. An anchor. Libra, it is time to welcome stability into your life. When we have a safe, secure foundation, it allows us to live from a place of peace. It also gives us the support we need so we can attain our longterm goals.

Libra, this moon is about establishing home and belonging. This could mean actual literal, physical home. It could also mean the home within; our sense of security. How are you doing on the homefront?

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What intentions are you setting around stability this year? Note the state of things as it pertains to your family and your immediate environment. Perhaps these areas need some reconstruction. Let your intuition guide. Make necessary commitments. Identify your core needs and locate who can be counted on as a support system in your life. You like your privacy. Still waters run deep. But this is a social and intellectual moon for you, Scorpio. You are in a time of great motivation and expansion. It can feel raw and vulnerable to expose yourself, but you are encouraged at this time not to hide.

Your innate magnetism is running high. Be truthful.

Shine light in the darkness. Perhaps you are taking up a new educational pursuit.

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It could be that you are asked to teach or speak on a topic you feel passionate about. Open yourself to being seen. Let your words, and the space in between the words, resonate as a transmission that transforms and benefits all who hear. Food, physical and spiritual, that keeps you going. How are your resources doing, Sagittarius?

A resource is anything we can subsist off of. The supplies that give us life. This moon asks you to take stock. Check your bank account. Set realistic financial goals and make a plan to attain them. Also, notice what you value the most. To value means to invest a sense of worthiness. What do you value the most? List your values stream of consciousness, and then go through and circle your top 20, top 10, and top 5. The values you identify today can help to guide your choices for the next year and lead you towards greater fulfillment.

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  5. This is your New Moon, Capricorn. New Moons are for planting seeds of intention. With this lunation in your home sign, first reflect: who have you become? Is there anything about your sense of self or identity that needs tearing down and rebuilding? Because you are oriented towards goals, it is likely you have completed some worthwhile achievements in your life.

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