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They, with their modern knowledge and up-to-date instruments, are still quarrelling among themselves as to whether the precession, the most important feature in astronomy, takes place every 25, years or every 24, years. The majority believe that the Hindus made no mistakes, but how they arrived at such a calculation is as great a mystery as the origin of life itself. Astrology is a way to determine the forces of the universe by tracing what effects they have upon the planets.

In Astrology, the planets and their coordinate systems are used to make predictions. Astrology can be referred to as the study of cycles. According to astrology, everything in this universe is cyclical, meaning that is follows a certain cycle, including human beings. Astrology not only looks at this cycle but also at the cycles of life which go on for three years, ten years, 25 years, etc. Just as our lives follow a cycle, the planets follow these cycles, too. Tracing the planets in their relatively simple paths is much easier to comprehend than it is to appreciate how human actions flow in the same rhythms, what with them being so complex.

Because it is not easy to evaluate your own self, tracking the planets enables you to look into our nature in an approach so as to make predictions which can be the difference between success and failure. This is the heart of astrology and is how astrology works. Hence astrology can be correctly called the study of the outcome of planetary movements on our lives, and astrologers have to know the exact positions of the planets at any given time, and also the proper positions of the zodiacal fixed star signs, at any given time, in relation to any place on earth, to be able to make astrological predictions.

Interestingly, planets discovered after the development of astrology, such as Neptune and Uranus, have no place in astrological predictions. The fundamental principle on which astrology works is that all things are linked. Your karma, destiny, fate or fortune, whatever you choose to call it, is determined by a predestined cosmic design.

Astrologers believe that every body is just a soul present in the body at a very particular time and place, and that the life of people is just a reflection of the larger whole into which they are born. The study of this pre-set destiny is known as Astrology. In other words, astrology is the study of stars. Astrology dates from a time when we didn't know what stars were. A form of studying the stars and other celestial bodies. Astrology was considered a science. Astrologers would track the movements of the stars in the sky above to make plans for the coming year s.

Personal astrology as we know it today horoscopes, love horoscopes etc.. People wanted to know about what was likely to happen to them based on their birth chart. Many astrologers still produce birthcharts for people like they did in the middle ages. Design Your Destiny.

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Help line from Astrologers. Lifestyles International Astrological Foundation www. It offers country-by-country listings as well as a utility allowing astrologers to register for inclusion in the list. Custom Search. The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers.

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Astrology, Horoscopes, Marriage, dating and modeling online. Aryabhatt Astrology Services. Astro Camp. Scientific Astrology.

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Make srikumar as your homepage. Art of Living. Feng Shui.

Question papers. House plans. Interior Design. Useful articles. Real Estate. Free MP3. AutoCAD Blocks. Printer Drivers. Entrance Test. IAS Topper. Public Speaking. Study Abroad. Type any language. U seful articles. Useful Tips. What is New? Admission tests. Free Telugu Astrology Software 1. This free Telugu Astrology software also provides you a choice of chart formats, like, North Indian, South Indian, etc. MB Tamil Astrology 1. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your characteristic traits and personality, your behavioral pattern and your basic nature.

The software also helps a person understand his personality and improve himself for the better. It also gives you the days that are good for your ruling bird Filesize: 1. MB Burmese Astrology 1. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to as per Burmese astrology , your lucky direction and your planetary rulers. Burmese Astrology is as old as the ancient civilization of Burma and this form of astrology continues to remain MB Muhurtha Astrology 1. The software gives you a detailed Report for the choice of your time for an auspicious occasion.

It also gives you information about your rashi, rashi lord, nakshatra, nakshatra lord, lagna, Tithi, Karana and the like. Muhurtha astrology also known as Electional astrology , forms an Astro Assistant 1.

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Besides generating of natal, progressive and transit horoscope it can organize user's database. It also contains locations, time zones and summer times database. Printout support of radixes also TimePassages 5. TimePassages is a user-friendly astrology software that allows you to quickly and easily create accurate birth charts and read point-and-click interpretations. TimePassages is especially designed for users interested in astrology who want to calculate and interpret transits, display natal midpoints and calculate Solar Arc progressions.

MB Learn Astrology 1. This software is a simple and useful aid in the study of the signs, houses and planets. This can helps beginners learn and test their understanding of the subject. A study of the past reveals that astrology came into being with the advent of civilization.

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  • It was the result of combining the ancient practice of observing the night sky with a magical view. The Babylonians were however MB Karmic Astrology 1. The program indicates your ongoing karmic situation from the planetary positions and transitions at the time of your birth. It is with the help of this software that you get to know which lessons are of paramount importance in your lifetime.

    MB Free Karmic Astrology emphasizes your positive and negative characteristic traits MB Life Theme Astrology 1. This unique software , based on the life theme astrology principles, finds out your tendencies and mentality and interprets how your attitude towards life is influenced by them.

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    Using MB Life Theme Astrology Software you can come to be aware of the type of profession or activity you would love to be involved with. MB Nadir Astrology 1. The significance of Nadir astrology lies in the fact that it deals with the desires or the core wishes of the individuals.

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